Each mission requires a pre-observation meeting with the client. We then acknowledge of his preferences and wishes and conduct a first assessment of the environment.

During the flight and the photography shot session, the client can wear total immersion lances that allow him to see in live what the drone is recording. The client can then give some further instructions to the pilot and/or the cameraman.

Depending on the selected package, the photographs and movies are provided either in "rush" or finished mount form.

Please find herewith a non-exhaustive list of applications:

  • Media: Television, advertising spot or film productions;
  • Architecture : aerial imagery of singular architecture and/or protected building;
  • Ecology : Recognition of polluted areas;
  • Industry : Building Inspection, Solar panel farm, wind farm;
  • Civil engineering : Bridge inspection or hardly accessible places;
  • Real Estate: Promotion of new real estate property with aerial photography;
  • Insurance companies: Aerial imagery which can help the assessment of insurance claims or damages such as natural disasters, floods or fires;
  • Government : Assistance to the authorities during evidence' researches, aggressions, accidents or researches through aerial imagery or infrared thermography (project in development);
  • Events : Aerial photography of concerts, wedding or opening of art exhibition;
  • Energy efficiency assessment : heat loss studies with infrared thermography (project in development)